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Product Design and Engineering

Over 30 years of engineering and product design experience.

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Marler Design works very closely with a number of patent attorneys throughout the United States to protect and add value to your intellectual property.

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Manufacturing and Marketability

An often neglected opportunity; considerable thought is given to design for manufacturability and marketability.  This has historically resulted in lower production costs and increased product value. 

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Regulatory Compliance

FDA, ISO, 510(k), bio-compatibility, Design History Files, CE Marks, etc.  Marler Design will determine precisely what technical and regulatory requirements apply to your application.  With over 22 years of experience in regulatory affairs, we will ensure that you are compliant.

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About Marler Design Engineering and Product Development

Specializing in engineering and product development, Marler Design takes product ideas from start to finish.

Ideas to Patents to ProductsTM

  • From ideas to engineering design to patents
  • From regulatory compliance to manufacturing to marketing

Thayer Medical Corp.

Respiratory Care Products
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Greg Marler founded Marler Design & Consulting, Inc. (Marler Design) in 2009 to support and inspire more American designed and developed products.  Mr. Marler is currently President and Chief Executive Officer of Marler Design and Chief Operating Officer and Partner of Aeon Research and Technology, Inc., specializing in medical product design and healthcare research.

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Mr. Marler has held a number of key positions in the fields of engineering, product development, manufacturing and quality assurance: he was Research and Development Engineer for Parker Hannifin Corporation, Senior Research and Development Engineer/Quality Engineer for Mentor Corporation, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson and Director of Engineering for Thayer Medical Corporation, specializing in respiratory care products.  Throughout his career Mr. Marler has been involved in a number of high profile projects including instrumentation and structural elements for the Mars Lander and Hubble Telescope.

He has had more than twenty five years of engineering, quality and regulatory experience in the medical field and over thirty years of experience in mechanical engineering and product development. He currently holds numerous United States Patents, with others pending. Mr. Marler has also been instrumental in the development, implementation and certification process of a number of ISO, QS and FDA Quality Systems, all resulting in successful ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and QS-9000 certifications.


Peter Wojtach CRNA

St. Charles Hospital, Catholic Health Services of Long Island, Port Jefferson, NY.

I was fortunate to be linked up with Greg from a colleague at the hospital. He was highly recommended to me for a product that I am developing to solve a problem in my industry. I am a Nurse Anesthetist currently working in acute care settings and I discovered a problem that costs hospitals money, wastes oxygen, and creates a fire hazard in many settings. So I developed an idea for a product that solves this problem. I have been working with Greg Marler for a few years now and his engineering expertise was instrumental in the development of the product making it possible to bring my idea to fruition.  Greg has been great to work with, extremely educational, and inspirational in his wisdom and ideas. He has not only been involved in the engineering of the prototype but also very helpful with his consultation with product development, production, and distribution ideas. I would highly recommend Greg to anyone with an idea that they have interest in developing. He is innovative, knowledgeable about the industry, very trustworthy, and experienced.  As far as my interaction with Greg I’m completely satisfied and look forward to our continued collaboration on this and other projects in the future.

Daniel B. McNerney

Manager of Operations, Mentor Corporation - A subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson.

Greg possesses superior work ethics and phenomenal creativity, which has been beneficial for an ongoing project at Byron Medical.  With Greg’s excellent engineering knowledge and his creative thinking skills, our manufacturing integration project was successful.  Greg was able to drill down and assess our production procedures, suggest and implement continuous improvement, and pass on important information to the employees in manufacturing.

I highly recommend Greg Marler for critical engineering roles in product development and mechanical engineering.

Alan C. Hinton

Program Director, Supply Chain Quality, Mentor Corporation - A subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson.

Greg has demonstrated himself as a competent engineer and designer supporting a wide range of medical devices manufactured both in-house and through contract manufacturers.  He authored several manufacturing and quality control procedures and work instructions.  He designed and implemented process and product validations, prepared and maintained Design History Files to meet US FDA requirements, and Technical Files in conformance with European Medical Device Directives.

Greg has my highest recommendation.